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Powerful Mobile and VR Performance

Edit videos, check stock reports, or listen to streaming music online all from one powerful laptop designed for both productivity and entertainment. The NS-17 custom mobile workstation features a 17.3-inch widescreen powered by the latest NVIDIA Pascal GPUs and Intel CPUs, high definition audio, and a full size customizable multicolored backlit keyboard and numeric pad for the freedom to work and play from anywhere in the world.

Professionals that need a powerful mobile workstation for use with their latest business applications look no further. At a mere 1.5 inches thin, the NS-17 mobile workstation is the thinnest and lightest 17-inch laptop powered by 9th generation Intel desktop Core i9 processors and high-speed DDR4 memory options up to 64GB on the latest Intel Z370 chipset.


The New NS-17

37.5% Thinner & 30% Lighter

Previous Generation

NS-17 Front view

Next-Gen NS-17

NS-17 Front view

Previous Generation

NS-17 Left view

Next-Gen NS-17

NS-17 Left view

Previous Generation

NS-17 Right view

Next-Gen NS-17

NS-17 Right view

Powerful Mobile Workstation


Stay connected to the world with integrated wireless networking options available on the NS-17 mobile workstation. Plug in at your home or office with its built-in gigabit ethernet port or go wireless with 802.11 AC support. Have a Bluetooth device? The NS-17 features Bluetooth 4.1, giving you the ability to connect any device wirelessly to your ORIGIN PC laptop.

Bluetooth Wifi Logo
Bluetooth Wifi Logo
NS-17 Front view
NS-17 Left view
NS-17 Right view
NS-17 Back view

A built-in 6-in-1 media reader can manage all your storage devices including the latest media cards. Take control with instant access to buttons to adjust the volume of your system, the backlit display, or even to turn off or on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections with ease.

NS-17 streaming netflix

Entertainment Value

In addition to being a powerful portable workstation, the NS-17 mobile workstation can also handle your multimedia with a 60Hz 4K IPS display, a high definition sound system powered by Sound Blaster X-Fi technology and two internal speakers with a built-in subwoofer. This powerful mobile workstation also supports audio outputs that can connect to any home or office theater system.

Throughout the workday keep up on the latest industry news, and at night stream your favorite television shows no matter where you are. Stay connected with the available extended range high-speed wireless 802.11 AC cards suited to speeds well over 1.3Gbps and sync with all of your Bluetooth devices.

NS-17 hooked up to three monitors

Creative Creation

Whatever the task, experience crystal-clear visuals on the 17.3 high-definition widescreen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and resolutions up to a 4K G-SYNC display, you can watch high-definition video and display dazzling presentations. Connect your NS-17 to as many as three additional 4K displays for the ultimate mobile workstation powerhouse capable of work or play with its two built-in Mini DisplayPorts and single HDMI port.

Portable High-Performance for Professionals

Complete Mobility


The NS-17 custom mobile workstation delivers a complete mobile package with powerful desktop processors, high-speed memory and professional-grade graphics cards. Your ORIGIN PC laptop is a desktop workstation, gaming station, and entertainment center, all-in-one. Our configuration specialists can help you custom design the perfect mobile workstation for you and your business with the tools you need to get the job done.


i9 9900K

GTX 1080

m.2 Storage Option


Powerful Workstation Desktop Processors

Getting more done faster is the number one goal of the mobile professional. The NS-17 mobile workstation features 9th generation Intel Core i9 desktop processors with hyperthreading for increased productivity in all application fields. These Intel desktop processors give you the ability to run multiple applications at once without slowing down your computer, allowing some programs to work in the background while you actively work on others.

For resource-intensive tasks such as data and file compression or rendering, additional power is sent to your CPU giving you enhanced performance when you need it the most and gives you faster response times while online.

From content creators to media editors, the NS-17 offers one of the most powerful mobile solutions on the market. Render videos quickly and make edits in a flash, thanks to the Intel Core desktop processor. No matter what software you use, from Sony Vegas to Adobe Creative Suite, the desktop CPU will speed up your workflow when you’re on the go. Coupling the desktop CPU with support for RAID configurations including m.2 drivers, multiple GPU options, and a slew of memory capacities, you can configure the ultimate mobile workstation for all your content creation needs.


Workstation Ready Graphics

From video and graphical software applications to streaming media and gaming, a powerful video card is a must for the mobile professional. The NS-17 mobile workstation can be configured with a multitude of graphics cards options from NVIDIA offering up to 8GB of total video memory. Featuring NVIDIA’s revolutionary Pascal architecture that does not sacrifice any performance in a mobile form factor, the NS-17 is a desktop on the go. A no-compromise mobile solution.

Animation, graphic design, and video professionals will experience up to 5-times faster performance with the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards. Using the CUDA parallel processing architecture, the NVIDIA video card delivers additional performance in creative content, video editing, and 3D rendering software.

Crank those graphics settings to the max with the NS-17 powered by NVIDIA’s Pascal powered GeForce GTX video cards. With up to 8GB of GDDR5X video ram, NVIDIA's PhysX and CUDA technology, top performance isn’t something you seek, it’s a way of life.

Mobile RAM

Reliable Memory & Storage

To multitask without system lag, you need lightning-fast memory that works in conjunction with a powerful CPU. The NS-17 mobile workstation offers up to 64GB of quad channel high speed DDR4 2666MHz RAM for the ability to run several programs at the same time and open multiple browser windows while surfing the internet stutter-free. High performance memory is also beneficial to applications including word processors and spreadsheets for a boost in access and processing time.

Storage management is extremely important while on the go and the NS-17 provides multiple storage options for all your data and media needs. For flash card media, the NS-17 has a built-in 6-in-1 media card reader that supports all the latest formats. For internal storage, the NS-17 features dual hard drives and dual m.2 support with up to 6TB of storage space.

4K Ready Display

3840 x 2160 Resolution

Slide to see the 4K difference

4 Times the Pixels

Today's latest technology has taken the standard 1080p pixel format and quadrupled it. With twice the pixels, you get four times the clarity for near life-like imaging and provides the desktop real estate to multitask like a pro.


Dependability Driven

Performance doesn’t come from the internal components alone. The NS-17 custom mobile workstation was engineered to protect your system from the rigors of travel. With durable construction and a high performance internal cooling system, your ORIGIN PC laptop will remain dependable anywhere you take it.

Keep a low profile with the matte black laptop panel, or go with the matte white or matte red panel for an eye-catching appearance. Customize your NS-17 mobile workstation with HD UV printing with an ORIGIN PC inspired design. Choose from a wide array of dazzling colors in both solid and shiny metallic finishes masterfully airbrushed to your laptop. We can also add personalized artwork or a company logo to your mobile workstation for that signature touch.

Fingertip password

Mobile Security

Protect your laptop from unwanted access with ORIGIN PC’s built-in fingerprint and biometric reader for your NS-17 mobile workstation. Keep your data secure and prevent unauthorized access, and with just a swipe of your fingertip, safely log into your mobile workstation. When working remotely, you can keep your system safe and secure with our optional Kensington lock to secure your mobile workstation to your work area.

Customization Literally at Your Fingertips

Take the custom lid design to your keyboard with The NS-17 backlit keyboard. Choose between an almost unlimited color palette on the fly. Not enough color? Spread the color across 3 zones with a variety of effects. The NS-17 is a notebook customized for you, but the customization doesn't have to end once it leaves our manufacturing floor.

Lifetime Service and Support

Our job does not end when your NS-17 custom workstation laptop arrives. Every ORIGIN PC system is backed by a lifetime service agreement. When you purchase your NS-17 workstation, you will receive dedicated service, including labor, from our trained and experienced staff whenever you need it. We offer optional premier on-site support or repair services and can accommodate specific support services at your request. We offer support via email, online chat, lifetime phone support, and more.



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