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The Best Supported Custom PCs

World-class lifetime customer service

Here at ORIGIN we know the best systems must have the best support. Your elite custom gaming or professional workstation PC is only as good as the team that stands behind it which is why from day one Team ORIGIN is right there. Our staff has you covered with a wide array of support including:

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Lifetime phone and online service guarantee

Once you join us, we will have you covered. With every custom system, ORIGIN PC provides a free phone and online lifetime service guarantee. Have a question? You can always contact ORIGIN PC.

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Every customer has their own dedicated support team

Team ORIGIN works for you, you're the boss. You won't be dealing with anonymous overseas agents that don't know you or what your system specs are. This dedicated team consists of the same knowledgeable veterans and meticulous systems integrators that build and test our units in the ORIGIN PC factory in Adelaide, Australia. Personalized service doesn't get any better.

Task pad with Free Upgrades written on it
Lifetime labor for all your service and upgrade needs

True partners stay together through all of life's challenges and we all know hardware is always changing and advancing for the better. Thus ORIGIN PC provides labor free work for the life of your custom built gaming or professional workstation PC.

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Knowledgeable and resourceful support staff

Hand built, tested, and serviced by knowledgeable enthusiasts, means that if any issue with your system should arise you will receive the best in technical and customer support. ORIGIN PC utilizes several means to support our customers including phone, e-mail, forums support and remote access capabilities.

Box on wheels with computer parts bunched up inside and free shipping labeled on the side
Support and Replacement Shipping

We understand down time is wasted time which is why ORIGIN PC provides free shipping for any parts you may need replaced. Your team has a full spectrum of tools available to assist you, including the option to ship your system back to your dedicated team for hands on troubleshooting. Your dedicated team has a full spectrum of tools available to assist you, including the option to ship it back to the lab for hands on service.

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