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Company overview

ORIGIN PC delivers the best gaming experience period, but what does that mean? It means the best parts and technology the computer gaming industry has to offer. It means world class support from day one and ORIGIN PC's support never ends. It means having a team of people who understand the art of elite system building and maintenance, standing by to assist you when you need it. It means never having to feel you made the wrong choice.

Any company can build a PC, but few can build a custom gaming PC worthy of playing the latest games. Many claim to offer gaming PCs, but they don't deliver a complete gaming experience. A real gaming PC must be focused on Customization, Service, Gaming, and Technology. This is ORIGIN PC's specialty.

For a PC to be deemed ORIGIN PC certified it must have:
  • True Personalization  {The complete package has to 'look' as good as it performs}
  • Hand-Built by Certified ORIGIN PC Specialists {Just because anyone can build a PC, doesn't mean they should}
  • Lifetime phone and online service guarantee {Once you join ORIGIN PC, we will have you covered for life}
  • Lifetime labor for all your service and upgrade needs included with every ORIGIN PC system
  • Gaming Performance & Quality Testing {1 cycle of a benchmark does not mean it is ready, this is a gaming PC.  Every ORIGIN PC runs through at least 72 hours of testing}
  • Component Quality Assurance {Only the best quality/performing components}
  • Wired for Thermal Optimization {No, a bird's nest is not allowed in a gaming PC}
  • Inspected and Approved {Over 100 point quality checklist signed by your dedicated team of professionals}
  • Dedicated Support Team {Never deal with anonymous agents that don't know your name}

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