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EON17-SLX 9-Series

Gaming at its finest

Received my new laptop a day earlier than expected, and I was blown away by the performance. I did unfortunately have a motherboard problem after about a week, so I contacted Origin. They told me to check a couple things, but I had to send it in. They paid for the shipping of the system to them, and I received it in a little over a week. After that it was smooth sailing. I will definitely buy from them again, their service and quality was top notch!

- Kevin F., 28 Sep 2016


Rock steady performance!

This is hands down the best and most stable gaming PC I've ever owned.

- Vic F., 28 Sep 2016


WoW--- fasssssssssssssssssssssssssssst

I am one happy camper with my new Origin desktop PC. The computer is lightening fast and the graphics are amazing. I can finally play all my games in maximum resolution without having any negative effect on the game. The computer is a great value for the money. The customer service was very helpful. The computer arrived when it was promised and the setup was a breeze. One happy camper!

- Nancytait, 28 Sep 2016

EVO15-S 9-Series

Great Company

Purchased a laptop (EVO15-S 9-SERIES) in mid-January. Takes about a month to build. Great company overall - excellent customer service, sturdy packaging for delivery, and follow-up support was great too. No issues with the computer noticeable. If I want a desktop in the future, would definitely return

- cjin1, 21 Sep 2016


Excellent company

I bought a Chronos desktop from Origin after a few weeks of research, and couldn't be happier with the purchase. It's a great-looking system that handles my video editing and other demanding tasks without breaking a sweat. Customer service was very responsive, both before and after the purchase. And it was slightly cheaper than the competitors to boot—similar systems elsewhere ran $200-300 more. (It also survived a 6,000-mile journey overseas in my carry-on luggage without a scratch.) Hopefully won't be in the market for a new computer for a few years, but whenever I am, I'll definitely buy from Origin again.

- Gregg C., 02 Sep 2016

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